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How  the RCMP Allowed a Hells Angel To Kill

Paul Derry's first book, Treacherous: How the RCMP allowed a Hell’s Angel to kill, is an inside look at his life as an undercover RCMP agent whose dangerous life landed him in the middle of a murder plot. It was a murder that he tried desperately to prevent but could not.

“Paul Derry paints a scary, scathing picture of the seamy world of organized crime, murder, snitches and betrayal – as only an insider can tell it. It is his version, told from the heart. You don’t have to believe every word he writes or agree with everything he says to shudder and shake your head in fear and amazement. A dark tale of the dark underbelly of our society.”

- Julian Sher, co-author of Angels of Death and The Road to Hell


“A very good read for anyone wanting to find out what it is like to go from a normal childhood to a life of crime, become an informant for the police and then get involved in the ultimate crime. I was involved in this investigation, but once I started to read this book, I had to read on. It grabbed my attention, and I had to see where it was going.”

- Det. Shane Halliday (retired), Halifax Regional Police, Major Crime Unit


Gary Dimmock wrote the foreword for Coastal West's book, Treacherous. The following is an excerpt from that foreword:

This book, Derry's first, can stand as a manual of sorts and should be read by all police officers who handle agents—if not for its style, then for its brief tour inside the former agent's mind and for what it reveals about the relationship between the Mounties and an agent.

Inside a Police Informant's Mind
ISBN-9781498715355 - CAT# K25338

Written by a former informant, Inside a Police Informant’s Mind presents an honest account of the role, risks, and motives of police informants. It chronicles the relationship and course of events between the author and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioner. The author provides a fascinating insider's perspective on the working relationship between an informant and those in law enforcement who handle informants.

The book gives balanced insight into the thoughts of both the police and the informant, addressing the hazards of manipulation by both parties. It highlights the importance of trust, communication, and understanding as means to bridge those hazards. Also, it demonstrates the difficult shift in lifestyle being an informant entails. After testifying in court, Paul Derry’s life was placed at high risk of retribution, necessitating his entry into a witness protection program. He reflects upon the process of entering a witness protection program and life afterward, not only for himself but also for his family.

This autobiographical account is a must-read for police officers and informant handlers and is an especially useful source for intelligence gathering. The vivid, real-life accounts of Inside a Police Informant’s Mind are as revelatory as they are engrossing. It is a great addition to any collection of books on law enforcement and criminal justice.

"This book is not just another ‘true crime’ story, but an important cautionary tale for police that should be read by every police officer, especially those who identify, develop, and work with informants and agents. …Derry describes the emotional, psychological, and physical toll that this work takes on both the informer and the handler. This book brings the reader into the world of a police informer and sheds some light on the complicated and challenging relationship between the police informer and their handler."

—Dr. Irwin M. Cohen, from the Foreword

"Over my 35 year career as a criminologist I have read hundreds of books about crime and criminal justice issues. This book was far and away the most interesting."

—Darryl Plecas, PhD, University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

"Outlaw biker gangs, hit men, drugs, sex, and murder. Ingredients of stories that captivate audiences in books and on screen. But An Informant’s Mind is not fiction; far from it. Derry’s accounts of the glamourous, repulsive world of organized crime, and the role of the police handlers attempting to protect us from it, offers a view into the real world of crime that most people are oblivious to. An Informant’s Mindshould appeal not only to law enforcement personnel and students of criminal justice but also, to wider audiences whose eyes will be opened in learning the day to day crimes, brutalities, and fear experienced by offenders as well as the courage, dedication and morality of law enforcement working to stop them."

—Tim Croisdale, PhD, California State University, Sacramento, USA



"In my years as a social scientist and my work in criminal justice, I have never been exposed to such a provocative personal story. I hope this modern day hero’s account will shine a light bright enough to change the lives of those who read it, and cause a re-examination of the policies and the challenges he exposes. Mr. Derry’s accurate insights are a must read for all criminal justice personnel and public alike."

—Geri Bemister, North Island College, British Columbia, Canada

"This book is real and to the point. Looking into the heart and soul of informants, it provides a great perspective on how we "cops" should treat and deal with them. A very interesting and informative read."
—Detective Steven Bergen, Lubbock Police Department, Texas, USA