The book, Inside a Police Informant's Mind, provides an unsurpassed look at the manipulative tactics utilized by police informants.  It also reveals how law enforcement officers can work with their informants safely and professionally. 


Paul has been transformed from a police informant and career criminal to a pro-social member of society.  A pardon from the Parole Board of Canada was granted to him in 2010.  Today, Paul has become a director on several non-profit organizations, which deal with human trafficking and child prostitution issues.  He offers consulting services in the areas of outlaw motorcycle gangs, crime prevention and the drug sub-culture.  As well, Paul shares his wealth of knowledge of the criminal world in a productive way, by speaking at Source Handling courses for police agencies and numerous Justice Studies programs across the country.  


Following in the successes of his first two books, Paul is currently working on a third book, tentatively titled: Obscene Reality – Justice Served Cold. The book provides unparalleled knowledge regarding the Canadian Criminal Justice System and the criminality it revolves around.  It provides an inside look at how policing agencies, the Courts and Corrections manipulate - and are manipulated; while trying to protect society.  In collaboration with many people on both sides of the law, Paul offers a unique insight into the world of manipulation, control and violence that continue to affect the offender populations in our Canadian prisons.  It is uniquely balanced, with each sides mirrored perspectives, by sharing their stories of what really happens on either side of the prison walls.   

Together with his wife, Paul also volunteers his time by presenting at various workshops in schools, churches and community groups across Canada.