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A Job Well Done

I have been debating for months now about what I might say or if I should say anything in regards to the retirement of a man who has come to be a good friend over the last thirty years.

The debate is over but just to shock him, I am going to let my words be few. (source handlers know that this is just about as close to a miracle as one could ask for)The reality is that I believe the public record of his career speaks volumes on its own and needs no further proclamation.

I have written two books sharing much about his integrity, leadership and character. I doubt there is anyone who would or could dispute that he is all that I have said and more.

I will throw in an addendum to those books - just a simple word of thanks and a prayer of blessing for you, your family and your future endeavors!

Thanks Mike for all you have done in policing, for this country and for helping shape the person I have become today - In respect to all three, it was a job well done!



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