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Canada's Witness Protection Program


So, here it is, my latest book and one I hesitated for many years to write. I have waited patiently in hopes that the RCMP (who administer the federal program) would step up and make changes to a disastrous system that could be the best in the world. However, those in power have done as they have so often, proved they can destroy innocent lives while neglecting members and the public's safety - all so "the old boys club" can maintain power and feed the greed. Much like organized crime members that I have fought against most of my life, those at the top don't care about their members, their support people, their human assets or the family members who all mesh together to become collateral damage.

This book is not one full of complaints by someone disgruntled but rather a truthful work by someone who cares about those who work with sources. The more important audience is all those who are considering being a source, informant or agent overseen by the RCMP.

I have said many times that the end of the road for most rats is prison, death or witness protection. Those are pretty serious endings to contemplate - by the end of this book a handler should have more wisdom and empathy, a potential source will have the knowledge needed to make an informed decision and the executives of the RCMP might realize that collateral damage is not acceptable and the means do not always justify the end.

We do not accept in a civil society, the recruiting, grooming and utilization of teenagers for an adult's benefit.

We do not accept, in a civil society, leading others into danger by way of manipulation or coercion.

We certainly do not accept in a civil society, the using of or neglect of small children to help catch pot dealers or OMG's.

Well, society does not accept it but many executives in Ottawa have been allowing this and worse for the thirty nine years I have been in and around them.

What is the payout for the source if they are lucky - a coveted spot to retire in Canada's Witness Protection Program - that is where this book really picks up and will keep you speechless throughout.


Paul Derry


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