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It was more than surreal as I stood before the RCMP memorial that captured so much in such simple detail. I could not help but stare into the faces of these three ordinary men and be humbled. I could not steer my mind away from what went through their heads as they ran into the danger that would end their lives.

I understand facing danger - I have wore a wire among the Hells Angels, had guns at my head by those same bikers and served a seven year sentence while being suspected of working an an RCMP informant and agent.

That all pales in comparison to men and women who get up everyday and willingly accept the reality that they too could one day be a statue and a memory in a society that rarely appreciates their service.

This monument serves to remind the people of Moncton that many men and women stand between an evil that most of society could never grasp. It stands to remind them that three members of their community, along with many others, did all they could with what they had to protect that community from evil.

It would be nice if we could start appreciating the amazing sacrifices made daily instead of the few negatives that are very few in contrast.

I for one am grateful for every single member who puts on that uniform and does their job - knowing it will be rarely appreciated, often complained about and when the ultimate sacrifice is made - forgotten way to quickly!


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