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A quick thought I had while reading the news on Nova Scotia's mass shooting....

"I'm very surprised," Crockett said in a brief interview outside his rural home. "I never thought he would do something like that."

“From what I knew of him, he was quiet, gentle and very easy to talk to .... He was very nice. He kidded around a little bit. He seemed normal, not like someone who would do something like this."

I think one of the things that I have come to realize in life is that evil does not have a specific look. I have met killers who look like everyone else I have met in my 55 years on this earth.

One of the most charismatic, good looking, well liked guys I met in prison turned out to be a man who was suspected of killing a woman and carving 666 in her forehead and was charged with brutally raping a woman in her 80's - among a number of other sick and disturbing crimes.

When people found out, the same comments were made as above - " He seemed normal, not like someone who would do something like this".

Evil is something that is formed in the heart, planned in the mind and then executed with the outward aspects of a human - we do not look into the recesses of peoples souls on a regular basis so it is very likely that evil will have a look - it will look like any one of us.


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