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In writing my latest book on Canada's Witness Protection Program, I did copious amounts of research. I was aware that although I had spent near twenty years in and around the program, I knew it mostly from the inside looking out - accuracy required I see it in reverse as well.

I thought the first thing I should do is begin with the origin of witness protection which brought me to a study of Gerald Shur, the co-author of "Witsec - Inside The Federal Witness Protection Program" and one of the key founders of the FBI's secret program.

Gerald Shur is known to be the "Father of Witness Protection".

It did not take long before I realized how much the RCMP modeled their system after their American counterparts seemingly successful long running program. I began to hear key phrases parroted verbatim by my own handlers and those in Ottawa who run federal policing and ultimately Canada's RCMP protection program.

After reading Gerald's book and interviewing many people experienced with the program - I went back over emails, text messages and taped conversations with my mind racing with thoughts and my stomach nauseous from the blatant realization that the problems I write about in my book......

.....could have and should have been fixed thousands of families and decades ago!



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