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A Job that Sucks

I am no stranger to the RCMP by any means. I was coded as an informant back in 1982 and worked both as an informant and agent for almost 20 years. It did not stop there though because I then entered Canada's Witness Protection Program.

I wrote a book that highly criticized them for their incompetence in areas and sued them for the same. I also wrote a book that highlighted some of the good leadership and competent people I met along the way.

Why do I tell you this? Only to say that I have been both blessed and crucified by the RCMP, allowing me the ability to see the force through some interesting lenses.

Having said all that, I want to give my final thought on Commissioner Bob Paulson in light of the many thoughts and criticisms I get to read about him daily on LinkedIn. Actually, I am not even interested in commenting on him as much as the office.

It seems to me to be a death wish (to a career anyway.) Its almost like becoming the Sargent of Arms for the Hells Angels; you get no thanks or glory, (only perception of it) no decision you make will be the right one, (those above and below will assure of that) everyone thinks they can do the job better but deep down, none of the armchair critics want the job - and worst of all - when the club goes down, you are the first to die.

If looking at leading the RCMP the same as I would leading my family then I understand that decisions made are not always going to be right, liked or without consequences.

However; if I make those decisions with the right motive and based on the information I have in front of me, while taking responsibility for my mistakes - I expect the mature members of my family to lift me up not tear me down.

I say I expect the mature ones to lift me up because the kids who have not reached that point yet will always whine, throw temper tantrums, ask for more and even tell me they hate me.

I don't know Bob Paulson's motives nor do I have any idea of the information in his head but I do know that like the incoming Commissioner, if every decision is made right they will still end their tenure with people in the family and out whining, throwing temper tantrums, asking for more and like my 17 year old - thinking they can do a better job than me.

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