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Lyman Bryson wrote, “The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe experience is a substitute for intelligence.” As the quote implies, intelligence and experience are both necessary—and that is especially true of those who work in the RCMP Witness Protection Program. Intelligence and wisdom must work together to produce a good coordinator.

Witness Protection is something that people enter very reluctantly for the most part. When people choose to take this route, it is usually at a time when they are afraid, desperate and very vulnerable. At the same time, they are usually the type of people I described my last book; manipulative, greedy and dangerous.

It is for this reason that the officers picked to deal with those entering the Program must come from the strongest of handlers. These officers need to be able to control the manipulation, watch for danger and help integrate an antisocial individual into a pro-social world. They must be able to alleviate fears, take away the sense of desperation and create structure for each individual in their caseload.

There are many witness protection programs around the world, and, as stated on the RCMP website, these programs are a vital tool in the fight against organized crime groups.

Those who work in these programs are the wall that stands between the hunters and the hunted. It is for this reason that we must insist that they be the absolute best people we can find. If incompetence allows a predator to get through that wall, it will become harder to convince other potential witnesses to come forward and risk their lives to take down those at the top of the criminal underworld.

PS. - you can choose the best people but its all for not if program politics and greed lead the way.


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