Unedited excerpts from my daughter's upcoming book.

Letter to Hell’s Angels

"A little girl grew up too fast - All it took was once, I'll never be the same

Now I'm taking back my life today "

-Demi Lovato

"You begin your deceit in children’s lives early. As a child, I had a lot of hurt and pain, but I also had the love of my father, so I didn’t really see my hurt and pain clearly until that day you came into the restaurant. Throughout my life, I have met a lot of young women and men who grew up suffering, in severe poverty and without love from their parents. And today, I realized that as children, they would of course remember your small tokens of kindness in giving them a toy or supplying a “father figure.” So, by instilling these “toy run” or “cool bikes” memories, you are actually conditioning children to be your pawns later in life.

Now, as these children get older, you take advantage of their poor upbringing and destroy them, when all they want is love and acceptance. You use them for sex and drug transactions, and then you sit in clubs and laugh about how great you all are. Real tough guys, aren’t you? You use weapons to convince people that you are scary. You claim brotherhood, but you turn on your own as soon as you have the chance. There are no real men in your clubs. You think that you torture and murder people for justified reasons, but really, your reasons are stupid"

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