Inside A Police Informants Mind

Inside A Police Informants Mind

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Written by a former informant, Inside a Police Informant`s Mind presents an honest account of the role, risks, and motives of police informants. It chronicles the relationship and course of events between the author and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioner. The author provides a fascinating insider's perspective on the working relationship between an informant and those in law enforcement who handle informants.
The book gives balanced insight into the thoughts of both the police and the informant, addressing the hazards of manipulation by both parties. It highlights the importance of trust, communication, and understanding as means to bridge those hazards. Also, it demonstrates the difficult shift in lifestyle being an informant entails. After testifying in court, Paul Derry`s life was placed at high risk of retribution, necessitating his entry into a witness protection program. He reflects upon the process of entering a witness protection program and life afterward, not only for himself but also for his family.
This autobiographical account is a must-read for police officers and informant handlers and is an especially useful source for intelligence gathering. The vivid, real-life accounts of Inside a Police Informant`s Mind are as revelatory as they are engrossing. It is a great addition to any collection of books on law enforcement and criminal justice.


Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Making of an Informant

Part One: Inside an Informant’s Mind

1. Blood Brothers

2. Blood Money

3. Streets of Blood

4. The Thrill and Excitement

5. Cold-Blooded

6. Police Study

Part Two: Characteristics of a Strong Source Handler

7. Dedicated to the Job

8. Trust

9. Empathy

10. Understanding Motives

11. Clear and Concise Communication

12. Control and Humility

13. Resilience

14. Sense of Humor

15. Discernment

16. Witness Protection Coordinators

17. Partners in Crime

Part Three:  Looking Back

18. The Gifts and Curses of an Informant

19. Taking a Life

20. Hours on the Stand

21. Life as a Rat

22. Witness Protection and Starting Over

23. Final Thoughts

Appendix A: Police Perspectives on Paul Derry as a Source

Appendix B: Words between a Source and his Handlers

About the Author


    Edition1st Edition
    First Published 2016
    Pages174 pages
    Book ISBN 1138415715/ 9781138415713
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
    Imprint: CRC Press

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