Treacherous - How the R.C.M.P. allowed the Hells Angel to Kill (PDF)

Treacherous - How the R.C.M.P. allowed the Hells Angel to Kill (PDF)

Paul Derry's first book, Treacherous: "How the RCMP allowed a Hells Angel to Kill" is an inside look at his life as an undercover RCMP agent whose dangerous life landed him in the middle of a murder plot. Currently being featured on History Channel's Outlaw Bikers, Treacherous is a book constructed with facts and inside knowledge of the RCMP. 

RCMP documents refer to Paul Derry as J-1028, O.3561, H885 and RVM82 Derry was first used as a source for the RCMP when he was under the age of eighteen. He was coded officially in 1988 and worked as a source until the year 2000. Derry walked the thin line between a criminal and a police agent for many years, with much success.


Table of Contents:


1. Crime and Connections

2. A Source and his Handler

3. Good Days and Bad

4. My Ultimate Connection

5. Halifax Biker History

6. Operation Hoist

7. What is Treacherous?

8. Bank Robbers, Heroin and Death

9. Parole Finally Ends

10. The Projects are a Prison

11. Meeting about a Murder

12. The Death of Sean Simmons

13. Chaos and Confusion

14. Operation Download

15. Wearing a Wire

16. Explosive Moments

17. The Final Takedown

18. Waiting for the Mounties

19. Into the Hands of the Enemy

20. Fighting for our Lives

21. Open Letters to Defendants and Friends

22. Open Letters to the RCMP

23. Open Letter to the Simmons Family

24. Letter to the Reader

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