What Really Goes Through His Head?

August 15, 2016


As I sat in the safety of my living room yesterday watching a press conference given by the RCMP, I was amazed again at the patience of police officers.


At approximately 11am in the morning the FBI gave the RCMP a video of a masked terrorist who had expressed intentions of doing harm to our country. By nightfall they had identified the subject and had taken him down.

During the press conference a reporter insinuated that the RCMP took an exceptionally long time to accomplish this task.




I think if that reporter truly believes this and it was not a miscommunication, they should go back home to watch CSI or whatever show it is these days that makes people think they understand policing.


I for one am freaking impressed with the speed of the RCMP and other agencies that helped to stop this threat so quickly! (a little disappointed with the court system) 


I know how I would like to have responded to the question but thankfully DC Mike Cabana and AC Jennifer Strachan are much more patient and professional than I am!

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