Stepping Out To Speak

July 11, 2017


It has been an awesome experience these past few years to have completed my second book and now be working on my third.


It has also been my privilege to speak at source handling courses, police programs and criminology classes. I have had the chance to answer so many great questions from so many interesting people. I will continue to speak at these places and give my all to each and every one of them.


There is one question that comes up almost each time that I speak - Why do you do it?


I ask myself the opposite question each time I speak - Why do I not speak more?


I get that there is a risk for me each time I step into the public eye and I can assure that the pay would never be enough to make it worth the cost. Having said that, there are some things worth fighting for and even worth dying for if it makes a difference.


  • If one police officer does not get killed because of hearing me speak - its worth it!

  • If one prison guard learns the extreme manipulation of inmates - its worth it!

  • If one child does not grow up idolizing gangs & wanting to kill - its worth it!

  • If one drug dealer stops selling drugs, one pimp stops selling flesh - its worth it!

  • If one leader learns not to abuse the loyalty of their followers - its worth it!

  • If one person learns the importance of integrity and a moral compass - its worth it!

  • If one teacher can save a child, if one social worker can save a client - its worth it!

  • If one person learns its never too late to change - its worth it!


I have more time behind me than I do ahead of me and I have been blessed to have made it this far - if I can share my experiences so others don't have to learn the hard way, then I can say with certainty - its worth it!

With that said, I have told my agent to no longer refuse those outside the police community but to select those who I can be of value to and lets make a difference.

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