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It amazes me every single time I see this happen. Whether it is the annual toy run or the buying of bikes for kids at Christmas time. Why does the news cover this stuff as if the Hells Angels are so filled with compassion and nobility?

It is awesome to know that there are groups out in society that are helping those in need, especially when the beneficiaries are children .

Having said that, perhaps we could highlight the groups that do have character? Maybe start with those that have pure motives! Lets stay clear of criminal organizations that want us to think that they are moral and good.

Skip ahead ten or fifteen years to when those children are in their late teens and early twenties, then do another news story! What do you suppose you will see in that same group of children?

The Hells Angels flood our streets so that the same child that got a bike or a teddy bear can one day access cocaine or meth on a daily basis. It is not free like the teddy at the toy run, no, it comes with a cost.

The Hells put on a show of being "good old boys" who are just a little wild at heart and like to ride. The truth is that the HAMC is a corporation making billions of dollars on the blood and misery of others.

Lets stop making heroes out of people who are responsible for more deaths in North America than all the terrorist attacks combined!

Maybe the news agencies could start showing our children that those who fight evil are the true heroes...

Not the other way around!


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