Paul Derry was recruited as a source for the RCMP at just fifteen years of age when he quickly learned the benefits of playing both sides of the crime world; he had great success for many years as he played the role of both a sinner and a saint. In October of 2000 the career he had as a police agent ended abruptly. A series of bad decisions by Paul and the RCMP resulted in the death of a main player in the organized crime world. After being arrested by another police agency, Paul agreed to wear a wire among the Hells Angels to gather evidence which resulted in the arrest and convictions of all involved in the brutal killing.
Paul was given immunity and along with his family entered Canada’s Witness Protection Program.
Since leaving the crime world behind, Paul has received a federal pardon from the Canadian government for his work regarding criminal justice and victims of crime.
He is the author of Treacherous: How the RCMP Allowed a Hells Angel to Kill and Inside a Police Informant’s Mind. Paul now does consulting work in and around the justice system. He also passionately speaks at select workshops, seminars and classes and any place he feels he may be able to make a difference. Paul makes himself available to speak at suitable venues


“Derry’s accounts of the glamorous, repulsive world of organized crime, and the role of the police handlers attempting to protect us from it, offers a view into the real world of crime that most people are oblivious to.”
- Tim Croisdale, PhD, California State University, Sacramento, USA

“On this date, Halifax Regional Police Department will be concluding their investigation, which used the services of H885 (Derry) in the agent capacity. They will be arresting three local persons for first degree murder and at the same time arresting a full patch member of the Hells Angels. This member is the person who ordered the murder of Sean Simmons to occur. The charging of the Hells member is significant and will have a tremendous impact on the overall criminal activity within the metro area.”Cpl. Al Comeau, April 17, 2001"

“Throughout the operation, J-1028 (Derry) displayed a high level of dedication toward the objectives of the job and earned a certain level of credibility with the writer for being observant, truthful and dependable.”Bob Powers, Moncton Drugs, September 13, 1990"

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