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Call Me Barabbas looks at the journey of both Paul Derry and R.C. Sproul Jr.​


Paul Derry, having a dramatic conversion after a life of scandalous living and R.C. Sproul Jr. having scandal in his life long after conversion.


R.C. Sproul told Paul, "You and I know that Jesus came to save sinners. The people in the world you came from know they are sinners but need to learn Jesus saves. The people in the world I came from (Reformed evangelicals) know Jesus saves, but need to learn they are sinners." Thus, the concept of Call Me Barabbas was born and turned into this book of two drastically different lives that share one major similarity - the grace and mercy of Christ Jesus.

Call Me Barabbas

  • Preface
    Chapter 1. The Theological Foundation
    Chapter 2. The Story of Barabbas
    Chapter 3. The Making of a Barabbas
    Chapter 4. Breaking Barabbas
    Chapter 5. Braking Barabbas
    Chapter 6. Barabbas and Judas’ Kiss
    Chapter 7. “Brides” of Barabbas
    Chapter 8. Barabbas Betrayed
    Chapter 9. Barabbas Betrays
    Chapter 10. Barabbas, Come Forth
    Chapter 11. Barabbas Reborn
    Chapter 12. Barabbas Released
    Chapter 13. Barabbas Beset
    Chapter 14. Beside Barabbas
    Chapter 15. Barabbas All
    Chapter 16. Barabbas, Lazarus and Us
    Chapter 17. Be Barabbas

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