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 Would you choose to do it again with what you know now? Would you want to see your son do the same work?These are two of the most popular questions Paul Derry gets asked when speaking at source handling courses. In Derry’s newest book, he gives detailed information regarding police agent and informant work, the consequences of working with the police, and life inside witness protection.

“I have waited patiently in hopes that the RCMP (who administer the federal program) would step up and make changes to a disastrous system that could be the best in the world. However, those in power have done as they have so often, proved they can destroy innocent lives while neglecting members and the public's safety - all so "the old boys club" can maintain power and feed the greed. Much like organized crime members that I have fought against most of my life, those at the top don't care about their members, their support people, their human assets or the family members who all mesh together to become collateral damage.

This book is not one full of complaints by someone disgruntled but rather a truthful work by someone who cares about those who work with sources. The more important audience is all those who are considering being a source, informant or agent overseen by the RCMP.”
- Taken from Paul Derry’s blog,

RCMP Witness Protection (Coming Soon)

  • Please note this book is available for pre-order.
    Due to legal matters pertaining to the contents of this book, release date has been pushed to 2021.

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