"Hard to Handle" is a fascinating journey into the underground world of confidential informants and their relationships with their police handlers. In this comprehensive treatment of all aspects of this relationship, Paul Derry looks at the relationship from both sides of the coin, the confidential informant and also from the point of view of the police handler. From the psychological roller coaster, to the danger, to the triumphs, take-downs and consequences, Derry's treatment of the subject matter is a revealing, nail biting journey into the underbelly of police work.


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“Paul Derry paints a scary, scathing picture of the seamy world of organized crime, murder, snitches and betrayal – as only an insider can tell it. It is his version, told from the heart. You don’t have to believe every word he writes or agree with everything he says to shudder and shake your head in fear and amazement. A dark tale of the dark underbelly of our society.”

- Julian Sher, co-author of Angels of Death and The Road to Hell

“A very good read for anyone wanting to find out what it is like to go from a normal childhood to a life of crime, become an informant for the police and then get involved in the ultimate crime. I was involved in this investigation, but once I started to read this book, I had to read on. It grabbed my attention, and I had to see where it was going.”

- Det. Shane Halliday (retired), Halifax Regional Police, Major Crime Unit

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Watch History Channel's Outlaw Bikers documentary on Paul Derry here!

Gary Dimmock
 wrote the foreword for Paul Derry's first book, Treacherous. The following is an excerpt from that foreword:

This book, Derry's first, can stand as a manual of sorts and should be read by all police officers who handle agents—if not for its style, then for its brief tour inside the former agent's mind and for what it reveals about the relationship between the Mounties and an agent.


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