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“Over my 35 year career as a criminologist I have read hundreds of books about crime and criminal justice issues. This book [Inside a Police Informant’s Mind] was far and away the most interesting."
- Dr. Darryl Plecas, Professor Emeritus, University of the Fraser Valley, The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

"Thank you Darryl (Plecas) and Paul, for all your work over the years in advocating for injustice.
You both have been an inspiration to me in my work.​"

-Geri Bemister, Behavioural scientist, criminology professor, addictions counsellor and interventionist

"R. C. Sproul, Jr., and Paul Derry have written a testimony that wisely and intentionally avoids mythical story templates. Instead, Call Me Barabbas describes the raw, unredacted realism of a Christ-controlled account of grace amidst the garbage..."

-Michael A. Milton, PhD, Provost James H. Ragsdale Chair of Missions and Evangelism, President, D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership, Chairman, Ministry Department, Director of Chaplain Ministry and CPE, Chaplain (Colonel), USA-Ret.

"Derry accounts of the glamourous, repulsive world of organized crime, and the role of the police handlers attempting to protect us from it, offers a view into the real world of crime that most people are oblivious to."
- Tim Croisdale, PhD, California State University, Sacramento, USA

"From over a decade and a half of working with Paul, it is easy to confirm that he is an enthusiastic passionate informer who will educate those he comes in contact with."
- Darryl Lucke Barrister and Solicitor at Lucke Law Prof. Corp.


Check out A Rat's Tale  & Contract From Hell 
Read Treacherous for the true story.
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