Author of Treacherous: How the RCMP Allowed a Hells Angel to Kill, Inside a Police Informant’s Mind, co-author of the Christian title; Call Me Barabbas and now waiting to release his latest title, RCMP Witness Protection: Pros and Cons, Paul Derry offers his consulting and speaking services to an array of audiences. Learn more about Paul here.

Paul Derry is also available for speaking including for federal and provincial policing agencies, small and large corporations, all levels of schools & training, addictions centers, and as a keynote.


Whether it be an informant or agent course that Paul Derry is speaking at for the RCMP - two questions are sure to be asked.

1. Would you choose to do it again with what you know now?

2. Would you want to see your son do the same work?


In his latest book, Paul tells it all in order to answer the above two questions along with details of why -  he shows what it was like behind the scenes of being a source, an informant and an agent for Canada's national police force. 

Paul does not stop at answering those two questions but goes on to expose the truths learned after 19 years in Canada's Witness Protection Program.  It is his hope that in exposing these truths that the government will take the steps to fix this broken program.


“Over my 35 year career as a criminologist I have read hundreds of books about crime and criminal justice issues. This book [Inside a Police Informant’s Mind] was far and away the most interesting." Dr. Darryl Plecas, Professor Emeritus, University of the Fraser Valley, The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

“Source (Derry) continues to provide valuable information/intelligence on the Hells Angels and their close associates. These sections, as well as others, are interested in pursuing this information further.”Cst. G. H. Clarke 

“Paul Derry is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever seen, not only at the front of my classroom but in my professional career. Rarely are there opportunities for students to cultivate knowledge from such an exceptional and raw resource.” – Geri Bemister

Inside a Police Informant’s Mind (Updated and Revised Edition) presents an honest account of the role, risks, and motives of police informants. It chronicles the relationship and course of events between the author and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioner. Paul Derry provides a fascinating insider's perspective on the working relationship between an informant and those in law enforcement who handle informants.

The book gives balanced insight into the thoughts of both the police and the informant, addressing the hazards of manipulation by both parties. It highlights the importance of trust, communication, and understanding as a means to bridge those hazards. Also, it demonstrates the difficult shift in lifestyle being an informant entails. After testifying in court, Paul Derry’s life was placed at high risk of retribution, necessitating his entry into a witness protection program. He reflects upon the process of entering a witness protection program and life afterward, not only for himself but also for his family.

Inside A Police Informant's Mind (Updated and Revised Edition) includes:

- Updates
- Supporting documents
- Photos

- Additional chapters

Most importantly, it includes emails and behind the scenes conversations with the RCMP that explain why this book was written! 


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